Mobile incinerators TDU Factor-2000

Mobile thermodestructive units of the Factor-2000 series (also known as TDU2000 incinerator) are designed for thermal disposal of the solid household waste, biological waste, industry waste, oil sludge with extremely high content of mechanical impurities, oil contaminated soils, drilling sludge, and other solid, free-running and pasty-like waste.
These units do not have the analogues products in the market - they can be completely accommodated in two standard marine containers (40 and 20 ft) and may be transported from one site to another with their subsequent commissioning within one day. Areas of application: petroleum refining and exploration and production industry sector, solid household waste landfills, hazardous waste landfills, industrial enterprises, enterprises of oil and gas sector, sea and river ports, industrial sites.
The units of the Factor series have been produced for more than 6 years. In total, more than two dozen of innovations were applied. In autumn of 2015, the central office of the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service of the Russian Federation issued the positive conclusion of the State Environmental Expertise, confirming that this technology fully complies with environmental standards, that are very similar to EU Directives.
The model TDU-2000 can be used for disposal of more than 1000 wastes of the III, IV and V classes of hazard with the sanitary protection zone of 150 meters. In particular, the following wastes can be decontaminated by this unit:

Waste of mining operations, including the drilling sludge.

Oil sludge, oil contaminated soils, waste of the pipeline and tank cleaning.

Waste of effluent treatment and municipal services, industrial wastes and effluents.

Logging and fishing waste.

Waste from the textile, food and printing industry

Some waste from the chemical industry and metallurgy

Solid household waste, including most rubber and plastic products

Construction and repair waste

Medical and biological waste

Timber sleepers