ECO GUARD has developed advanced technologies in the field of soils treatment and waste management

We aim at minimising costs, maximising environmental sustainability and ensuring that the works are delivered on time.

With all your project requirements in mind we will provide a solution that will save you money in areas you may not have considered. We offer fixed price and fixed duration guarantees for complex contamination problems.

Our technologies:

> Treatment of most hydrocarbons by accelerated bio-remediation
> Treatment of heavy metal contamination by way of chemical metathesis and oxidation
> Groundwater treatment and free phase extraction
> Recycling and treatment of unsuitable soils to produce recycled topsoil and subsoil
> Pre-treatment of contaminated waste prior to disposal to benefit from inert landfill rates
> Structural Soil Stabilization
> Our team gives full technical support and advise along the full remediation process
> Keeps you informed with regular progress reports and gives you technical backup
> takes your entire development plans into consideration
> Helps with integration into overall project design
> Is non-confrontational in all our dealings

Our newest products


Our experience in the last 5 years

Over the years of work the following companies have become customers and partners of A.U CONSTRUCTION, DESIGN & SUPPLIES RU. LTD.
During its activity A.U CONSTRUCTION, DESIGN & SUPPLIES RU. LTD has accumulated sufficient experience in eliminating pollution and restoring the fertility of lands and water resources. Recultivation of over100 hectares of oil and oil products contaminated areas has been carried out, and over 60,000 tons of oil spills have been eliminated in many regions of the Russian Federation for organizations such as:

Delivery & assembly of equipment

1We have all the necessary equipment, special equipment and transport for safe and fast delivery of equipment to the work site where the professional team quickly and efficiently assembles the equipment, ensures the necessary operation and operation, as well as service